Who Were Marley Jo And Dana Kate, Chad Fryar Daughter? Death And Obituary

Chad Fryar daughters, Marley Jo and Dana Kate, are receiving tributes and prayers from netizens after hearing about the tragic accident that struck the Chad Fryar family.

In Gum Springs, Arkansas, a tragedy occurred when a train incident killed two young girls and hospitalized their pastor’s father and brother.

Chad Fryar, the beloved pastor of Crossroads Cowboy Church in Bismarck, was driving his three children across the Union Pacific train tracks near the Richwood train crossing on May 25 when the misfortune happened.

The Fryar family’s truck was struck by a northbound train, tragically taking the lives of Marley Jo and Dana Kate Fryar.

After being evacuated to the hospital, Chad Fryar and his son Bo Henry are now both in stable condition.

The tragedy has left the neighborhood greatly affected, and members of the community have come together to help the Fryar family during this trying time.

The Crossroads Cowboy Church and the nearby Christian communities grieve the death and pray for strength and healing as inquiries into the tragedy are being conducted.

Chad Fryar Daughter: Marley Jo And Dana Kate

Chad Fryar daughters, Marley Jo and Dana Kate Fryar, lost their lives in a fatal accident that has left Gum Springs, Arkansas, in shock.

The beloved pastor of Crossroads Cowboy Church in Bismarck, Chad Fryar, unfortunately, lost his daughter’s life in a terrible train accident.

On May 25, a northbound train struck the Fryar family’s pickup as it was crossing Union Pacific railroad tracks close to the Richwood Railroad crossing.

The vehicle suffered a significant hit and was painfully pulled for over half a mile down the line.

Despite the greatest efforts of emergency personnel, Chad Fryar’s daughter’s injuries were deep, leading to their untimely demise.

Chad Fryar daughter
Chad Fryar daughters Marley Jo and Dana Kate could not survive the crash. (Source: Mirror)

Union Pacific Railroad has confirmed that no one on board the train was hurt in the accident, and police are presently looking into the mishap.

The community is in shock and extreme sadness over the passing of the Chad Fryar daughters.

Marley Jo and Dana Kate were adored by their families and the church congregation. Their father is the pastor of the Crossroads Cowboy Church, which has come together in prayer and unity throughout this terrible time and has been a rock of support for the family.

Gum Springs has been rocked by the horrific event, and the Fryar family has received an outpouring of support, love, and sympathies.

Those who knew and loved Chad Fryar’s daughters will always hold them in their hearts as the neighborhood searches for comfort and strength in the face of this unfathomable tragedy.

Chad Fryar Daughter: Death And Obituary

The Fryar family has not disclosed any details about the obituary of their daughter who died untimely, followed by the tragic event.

Chad Fryar and his wife must still be in shock due to the devastating crash. Maybe in the future, after stable health, Chad might publicly disclose their daughter’s obituary.

On May 25 at Gum Springs, Arkansas, a horrific railroad disaster claimed the little girls’ lives. People are sending prayers and condolences after hearing the shocking news.

Netizens are mourning the untimely deaths of Marley Jo Fryar and Dana Kate Fryar, the cherished daughters of Chad Fryar.

Parents Chad and Rachel Fryar, as well as their older brother Bo Henry, treasured Marley Jo and Dana Kate and considered them to be beloved family members.

Chad Fryar accident
Picture of Chad Fryar car and the train after the fatal accident. (Source: DW)

Those that had the honor of knowing them will always remember their zest for life, compassion, and contagious grins.

The Crossroads Cowboy Church and the neighboring villages have come together to assist and console the Fryar family as the neighborhood mourns this tragic loss.

Pastor Frayar’s church has released a statement to continue praying for the Fryar family and for Chad’s wife Rachel, who is navigating through the devastating loss.

As per Ron Riddle, the Fryar family were the kind of friends and church family one wants to have.

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