TyCuun – Know your GOAL & Give it time if you’re an upcoming act

ListenGH TyCuun - Know your GOAL & Give it time if you're an upcoming act

Know your GOAL & Give it time if you’re an upcoming act – TyCuun ✍?

I’ve decided to share this with my followers, I made it quite long but it will be worth reading it yeah ?.

Peeps, we are in an industry that pays attention to both negative and positive contents but what drives me crazy is that the “negative content” at some point get more traction as compared to the positive stories, but that doesn’t mean you should follow the “negative contents” trends and halt doing the positive contents because you want to gain the “new circulating attention “, No!!!

Because social media now is brimmed with millions of positive people who appreciate good music and they’re ever ready to devote their time, money, and support for you in everything you want to do, but it will depend on you the artist having a “GOAL”.

Because when you have a GOAL and you know the “what, how and why” towards that goal, you don’t get distracted from that targeted goal and go chase some social media attention because you think that’s what got the buzz now, but rather you stay focused on that goal, you learn, you put in all the best you have to and work on till that goal is scored(achieved).

Because you might not know who’s watching lowkey but still being silent on them. Even though at a point in time we all get half distracted when our good stuff ain’t getting noticed but when you have a goal in mind, you don’t get totally distracted cos you know what’s ahead of you to keep on going for unlike not having any goal.

We are in a “numbers game”. The higher your numbers the higher limit your work reaches, and the lower your numbers the lower limit your works reaches too. And we can’t change that till we all agree to and that’s gonna be a huge somewhat task because the mind had already been developed with that optics of the status quo.

This whole music thing is a process that hurts, it takes time, and it doesn’t work easy like how they tell you on the screens, so you gotta put yourself together, surround yourself with few positive people, have a goal and put in the works towards that goal and go for it!!! Cos even when you blow and make it to the top, you will still have some people that ain’t gonna support your contents and it’s not because they hate you , NO!! but as they say that ” nobody owes you anything” so it all comes back to you yourself having a Goal and working for yourself. We shall all be Great ?.