Police Stop Lesbian Wedding Ceremony In Kwahu, 22 others were arrested

ListenGH Police Stop Lesbian Wedding Ceremony In Kwahu, 22 others were arrested

Policemen from Obomeng storms and arrested 22 people at a lesbian wedding ceremony which was ongoing at Kwahu in the Eastern region of Ghana.

Among the 22 arrested people are six (6) men and the rest are all women which are suspected to be lesbians, the Police did extremely we by managing to get all the 22 persons at Kwahu-Obomeng in the Eastern Region who were present at the alleged wedding ceremony between two females at a popular LGBTQI+ joint in the community.

Okwahuhemaa Piesie Afia is the local journalist in the area, she reveals that she had the information from a source within the Kwahu-Obomeng palace later in the night around 10 pm on Saturday, the persons purportedly belonging to the LGBTQI+ group were holding a ‘marriage ceremony for two ladies at their popular location in the community.

she said the pastor who wasn’t immediately identified as a member of the group or otherwise officiated the same-sex marriage before other members of the group in the inner quarters of the house.

The journalist went to say, the group present for same-sex marriage numbered about 50. At 12 midnight, another ceremony was also expected to take place at the same venue.

“I had information that some people suspected to be gays and lesbians were having a party and named the party, ‘birthday party and they had planned to have a marriage ceremony, meaning two ladies were going to get married During the event, I heard the MC saying “today, we have a vow to make, we’re here purposely for something whether police come or not, we go do our thing At about 11:45 pm, the MC said, “Oh, it’s now time for the birthday girls to come out,” she said adding that the couple soon emerged from inside the house into the open for the cutting of the bridal cake When they came out, I saw a woman with what looked like lace made into a wedding gown with a veil, bridal fan, and bridal purse, the one acting like a man was also costumed in a Nigerian outfit. They came out of the room as a couple

The report then indicated that the ceremony was cut short after a team of Police and traditional authorities got a hint of the event and stormed the place to stop them from going ahead with their plans.

Police were, however, forced to grant the alleged lesbians bail due to the unavailability of a female cell at the station. The Chief of Obomeng, Nana Effah Opinamang III said they heard rumors that a lesbian wedding was going to be held and mobilized the security team to the location to arrest the participants.

22 out of the 30 guests at the lesbian wedding were arrested while the remaining fled the scene. This arrest comes a few weeks after there was a public outcry over an LGBTQI office that was opened in Ashongman. The office was later closed down by National Security officials following public outrage over activities of the group.