Nana Tea Vs Godfada Houston – The Ordinary Men Doing Extraordinary Things For Ghana

Nana Tea Vs Godfada Houston

You don’t have to be well-liked or a politician to lend a helping hand to the weak and disadvantaged in society, as Nana Tea and Godfada Houston have shown.

Even though these two common men grew up in less favorable circumstances, they may use what little they have to improve the lives of people in different Ghanaian areas.

Get Familiar with Godfada Houston

Dr. Michael Houston, also known as Godfada Gh Houston is an expert in Software Engineering and Bitcoin, Dr . Godfada Gh Houston is passionately dedicated to supporting the underprivileged in society, devoting significant time and resources to their welfare.

Dr. Godfada Gh is the founder of Inside Life LOE, a Facebook brand that empowers individuals and communities through education, inspiration, and practical support. He is not only an accomplished entrepreneur but also a thought leader in the entertainment industry.

He is passionate about community development and helping the underprivileged, especially single mothers and children in need, and he is committed to making a positive impact in their lives.
Dr Houston helping distill a chocked gutter with his team

He is a father of three amazing kids comprising o boy and two beautiful girls. As a father, Godfada can relate to the needs of those who can’t afford the simple things in life like food and water.

He was recently honored with a Doctorate of Humanities for his humanitarian works. He also swept four awards at the Hana youth excellence awards event. He won the; Youth CEO of the Year, Youth Philanthropist of the Year Youth Leader of the Year, and NGO of the Year.

To add more icing on the cake Dr. Houston issued a scholarship for a UPSA student which inspired him to start an initiative scholarship program for brilliant needy students.

With all these achievements, Dr Houston is not stopping as he plans to continue helping as many people as he can.

Get Familiar with James Annor Tetteh aka Nana Tea

Born and bred in Odumasi Krobo in the Eastern region of Ghana, James Annor Tetteh who is widely known on social media as Nana Tea has gradually changed the narrative of helping the vulnerable in society and marriage.

Nana Tea is a Water Quality Analyst by profession but that hasn’t stopped him from spreading his kind heart to his hundreds of followers on social media.

He has helped a large number of less privileged People with food, clothes sometimes shelter. He has helped single mothers by setting up businesses for them.

It has become clear that whatever Nana Tea does for people is truly from his heart. He is one of those people who can’t shut their eyes when things are going wrong. He does his best to “fix” things.

Recently, he decided to weed a portion of a bushy area on the Gimpa road because it was covering a signpost meant for drivers. This act has started a patriotism challenge where various people are seen weeding around their surroundings to keep the environment clean.

When it comes to stopping helping his wife with house chores, Nana Tea has proven to be a great help as he is often seen carrying the twins, washing clothes, and cooking while his wife looks on lovingly.