My mind, feelings tell me I’m a female, not male – 35-year-old transgender

ListenGH My mind, feelings tell me I'm a female, not male - 35-year-old transgender

A 35-year-old Ghanaian transgender known as Angel Maxine has declared her sexual orientation live on radio.

Angel who was born male and still has all-male body features intact, in an interview on Okay FM explained that contrary to what the society thinks of her, her feelings and thought always confirms that she’s a female.

“I am a transgender…that is how I feel. From childhood that is how I felt, I battled with`myself for so many years to fully understand myself to become who I am today. And I love the way I am, I’m happy. This is what I wanted and this is who I am.”

He explained that he became conscious of his feeling when he realised he preferred to be treated like women, who are usually pampered and cared for.

“Deep inside me, that is who I am. The way I talk, how my thoughts are. Men are careless, but for me, I feel I should be pampered, treated nicely…everything a woman needs and wants, that is how I feel I should be treated.”

Though Angel Maxine has not undergone any surgical procedures to change his male sexual reproductive organs to that of the female, he boldly joins other women in public washrooms. He said he pulls out his manhood skillfully so he doesn’t draw attention.

“Though I have a manhood, I don’t look at other women because everybody is focused on their own business so no one pays attention to me.”

He educated Ghanaians on the general misconceptions about transgender and transsexual.

“Basically when someone says he/she is transgender, people mistake it to be trans-sexual. We have differences. Being a transgender is how you feel about yourself…Physically with a man body but within you feel you are a woman. that makes you a transgender. Trans-sexual is someone who has gone through surgery, done breast implants, back lifts, and other changes to make you look a complete woman. So that’s the difference between these two”.

It looks like, his feelings do not matter because his passport and other official documents identify him as a male.

Watch the full interview monitored by Ghanaweb below