My mind, feelings tell me I’m a female, not male – 35-year-old transgender

ListenGH My mind, feelings tell me I'm a female, not male - 35-year-old transgender

A 35-year-old Ghanaian transsexual known as Angel Maxine has announced her sexual direction live on the radio.

The heavenly messenger who was conceived male and still has all-male body highlights unblemished, in a meeting on Okay FM disclosed that in spite of what the general public thinks about her, her sentiments and thought consistently affirms that she’s a female. “I’m a transgender…that is the way I feel.

From a youth that is the means by which I believed, I struggled with myself for such countless years to completely comprehend myself to become who I am today. What’s more, I love the manner in which I am, I’m glad. This is the thing that I needed and this is the kind of person I am.”

He clarified that he got aware of his inclination when he understood he liked to be dealt with like ladies, who are typically spoiled and really focused on. “Somewhere inside me, that is the kind of person I am. The manner in which I talk, how my musings are. Men are indiscreet, yet for me, I believe I ought to be spoiled, treated nicely…everything a lady needs and needs, that is the means by which I believe I ought to be dealt with.”

Though Angel Maxine has not gone through any surgeries to change his male sexual regenerative organs to that of the female, he strongly joins different ladies in open washrooms. He said he pulls out his masculinity ably so he doesn’t draw consideration. “Despite the fact that I have a masculinity, I don’t take a gander at different ladies since everyone is centered around their own business so nobody focuses on me.” He taught Ghanaians on the overall confusions about transsexual and transgender.

“Fundamentally when somebody says he/she is transsexual, individuals botch it to be transgender. We have contrasts. Being a transsexual is the manner by which you feel about yourself…Physically with a man’s body yet inside you believe you are a lady. that makes you a transsexual. Transgender is somebody who has gone through a medical procedure, done bosom inserts, back lifts, and different changes to make you look a total lady. So that is the distinction between these two”.

It would seem that his emotions don’t make any difference since his visa and other authority reports recognize him as a male.