Maureen Esisi Advises Ladies To Avoid Dating Church Boys Who Insist On No Intimacy

Maureen Esisi

The advice Maureen Esisi recently offered to ladies has caused some major controversies online.

Maureen Esisi is one of the well-known social media influencers and businesswomen, she has been in the news so many times but this time many church guys feel affected by what she recently said.

She too to her social media page to caution women against settling down with males who demand that they wait until marriage before having any intercourse.

In a recent Instagram post, Maureen offered this advise and speculated that guys who demand that they wait until marriage before getting close may be gay.

She claims that they are merely delaying intimacy and saying they are waiting for marriage because they could not genuinely be interested in women. She advised ladies to avoid such individuals.

“Avoid those church boys who play the ‘no sex before marriage’ card and gets you thinking God has done it for you… No sis!!! Nahhhh!!! It’s the devil who did that!!! Your gender ain’t his type. Run.” She wrote.

Meanwhile, Maureen Esisi has taken to social media to reveal that she is interested in remarrying for money.

Recall that Maureen got married to Blossom Chukwujekwu in 2015 and the duo separated in 2019.

Taking to her Instagram page, the businesswoman revealed that she had already married for a prospect once but now she was interested in marrying for gold.