Laney Chantal and Violent J: Were They Dating Each Other?

Laney Chantal and Violent J

It has been suggested in a video uploaded to YouTube that Laney Chantal and Violent J dated for an extremely long period of time.
The death of the make-up artist at such a young age has brought her entire life’s history to light in the media. She was a makeup artist who competed on SyFy’s Face Off but left the competition before the episode was over. Her Instagram account, @laneychantal, has more than 50,000 followers, and everyone is currently expressing their grief over her passing while also sharing their love and admiration for her.

In 2009, she uprooted her life and moved from Michigan to California in order to pursue a career in the makeup industry. When she first arrived, she had found work at a store that specialized in Halloween merchandise.
As word of her passing spread across the internet, her devoted followers immediately began discussing the rumors that she was romantically involved with Violent J.

Laney Chantal and Violent J

Bartleboss and The ‘Dead’ Guy Show, which is the name of a YouTube channel, published a shocking video about six months ago in which the host discussed the romantic relationship that exists between Laney Chantal and Violent J.

She released a video in which she claimed that she had been abandoned in a hotel room and was unable to do anything to help herself or escape the terrifying situation. She went on to say that the rapper had an affair with the musician Blahzay Roze while they were together. Despite the fact that at the time nothing could be confirmed, everyone started making it a serious issue, which resulted in J’s severe backlash.

The YouTuber held out hope that the rumors were false because he thought Chantal had put in a lot of effort for Violent and that she deserved something better in return. After whatever had taken place between them, Chantal was left with a broken heart and a general sense of unhappiness. After a very long time of having an unstable romantic connection, it was announced that Laney and J were no longer seeing each other in a romantic capacity.

On the other hand, J’s most recent post on Instagram was made fourteen weeks ago, and it was actually a compliment on the artist’s Halloween costume. It is extremely unusual that there was even a hypothesis that the two had broken up in the past. This is quite surprising.

As soon as we found out the tragic news regarding the makeup artist, her social media accounts were quickly flooded with tributes and condolences from people all over the world. A supporter has written that they feel “my heart is at pieces now.” I am so sorry, my dear Laney; may you finally find peace and comfort.

Violent J’s Girlfriend and Dating History

In the same period of time the year before, rumors began to circulate that Violent J had a new girlfriend who was approximately 20 years younger than he was and worked in the cosmetics industry. When the news finally became official that the girl’s name was revealed to be Laney Chantal, people were busy playing a guessing game like it was a blind item. Eventually, the girl’s identity was revealed.

It has been rumored that J dated the musical artist Blahzay Roze prior to his relationship with Laney. Blahzay Roze is a rapper from the United States and was the first female rapper to sign with the primary label of Psychopathic Records. Pulsifer was Violent J’s girlfriend at the time. The debut extended play (EP) by Blahzay Roze was titled Broken and was released in 2016, the same year that she was released from her recording contract.

They were even said to be dating while J was still in a relationship with Laney, which caused things to become quite contentious at the time.

J was previously married to Sugar Slamm, and they share a child together. An ex-wife of the musician Violent J is a successful singer in the United States. Their wedding was in 2013, and they divorced the following year in 2016.
Sugar was a member of the Psychopathic supergroup Legz Diamond & the Purple Gang, which also featured the guitarist Legz Diamond and the rapper Jumpsteady. Sugar was the group’s lead vocalist. Her voice can be heard on a number of records released by Psychopathic.