Kevin Mglej Wikipedia And Age: Family And Net Worth

Kevin Mglej

Roksana Wgiel, a beloved figure among the younger audience, has recently made a revelation about her romantic involvement with Kevin Mglej, an entrepreneur and composer. Speculations surrounding their relationship have been circulating for months, but until now, the artist had not officially confirmed the rumors.

While Kevin Mglej has garnered recognition within the music industry for his collaborations with Justyna Steczkowska, his presence in the media remains relatively enigmatic. However, the curiosity surrounding his identity and daily activities has surged in recent times. In light of this growing interest, we delve into the life of Roksana Wgiel’s new partner and explore his professional endeavors.

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Kevin Mglej Wikipedia And Age Details

Talking about Kevin Mglej Wikipedia, he is yet to be mentioned on it. Kevin Mglej is a 26-year-old law graduate of the University of Warsaw. He works in the music industry professionally.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he is the creator and CEO of House of Hype.

He is a one-man orchestra, managing up to four businesses, primarily with a marketing focus. He considers himself a songwriter since he writes music.

As a part of the WolfHouse crew, he co-created Roksana Wgiel’s current album. They collaborated on the words and music for the album “13+5”, which surely bonded them.

The artist’s most recent album will be published in March, but preorders have already begun.  According to what is being reported in the media, the marketing effort is also in full gear.

Few people are aware that Kevin Mglej is also a Ratel member. As planned, his record will be released in the second part of the year.

“White Dress” is their most well-known song to this day. The audience responded positively to the song.

Family Details Of Kevin Mglej

Kevin Mglej, on the other hand, is 26 years old and 8 years older than his girlfriend. Roksana Wgiel recently turned 18 years old.

In one of the interviews, Roksana Wgiel stated that her parents had a significant age gap, but this has not affected their relationship.

We also know that Roksana’s family is very supportive of her new relationship. The singer’s parents and brothers admire Roksana Wgiel’s partner.

Kevin married Actress Malwina Dubowska, with whom he had a kid, in 2020. This is not and has never been, his wife.

In a recent comment, he conceded that the increased interest in his person is amusing. He also stated that he had never married but did have a little son.

How Much Net Worth Does Kevin Mglej?

Kevin Mglej wrote the tune. He oversees four businesses, including Wolf House and Unity Records. He develops marketing strategies, manages social media, and teaches how to position yourself in them.

He has worked with well-known musicians such as Justyna Steczkowska, Marina, and Viki Gabor. He collaborated on the World Cup anthem concept, which became a major success for Marina.

Roksana Wgiel also engaged him to work on her most recent record. That’s how they met and instantly fell in love.

Roksana Wgiel’s new lover must now deal with public attention. Internet people comb the internet for information on who his wife is and his Company’s name.

This surge in interest will most likely dissipate in a few days. Roksana Wgiel is a well-known and well-liked vocalist. Everything that affects her, even if she doesn’t want it to, becomes public.

Kevin Mglej is active in initiatives outside of the music business as well. He participated in the Econverse Campaign, evaluating the business ideas of persons seeking to enter the market.

He also provided mentoring to members of the entertainment industry.