‘Future Roma star’ – Italian club eyes Black Queens striker’s sister after viral keepy uppy video

Black Queens forward, Suleiman Samira will definitely be hoping that her now-famous kid sister follows in her footsteps and suits up for the women’s national team in the near future.

However, it appears that her club future might also be secured with Italian side AS Roma eyeing up the starlet.

Retweeting the original post on Twitter by Samira, the AS Roma English account captioned it “Future @ASRomaWomen star!”

Roma’s post has garnered close to 3,000 retweets and almost 11,000 likes with 3,000 comments.

The girl has shot to fame in recent days on the back of a viral video and her amazing skills.

The video, originally posted on Saturday, currently has almost a thousand retweets and well over six thousand likes.

It features Suleman’s sister doing astonishing keepy uppies, a skill where a person keeps an object, usually a football, off the ground by constantly hitting it up in the air with their foot or any other part of their body.

The girl, who was unnamed, kept the object she was kicking in the air for quite a while, with both her left and right feet.

She even switched things up a bit a couple of times in the video, kicking it with both feet as she jumped.

It has also been posted multiple times on Twitter and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, earning more admirers along the way.

Roma’s fans were just as enthusiastic about the girl as their Twitter admin was, with many calling for her to be signed up

The video also caught the attention of Man United Legend and Sky Sports pundit, Gary Neville.

He retweeted the original post, adding that he loved the video.

A number of people who saw the video reacted to it as well, mostly praising the girl.

A few others joked that she should improve a number of Premier League teams, including Arsenal