I Purchased Land And Taxi With Bawumia’s 50,000 – Psalm Adjetefio (VIDEO)

Psalm Adjetefio

Ghanaian Veteran actor, Psalm Adjetefio has revealed what he did with the money he received from the Vice President of Ghana, Dr. Bawumia.

After the audio of Psalm Adjetefio was leaked, many Ghanaians have been on MzGee, claiming she is the one behind the leak. MzGee same online not long ago to deny the allegation against her.

On social media, netizens also blasted the Ghanaian veteran actor, Psalm Adjetefio for begging MzGee for leftover foods, many think he is going extreme with his begging attitude.

There have been so many questions from social media users about what Psalm Adjetefio did with all the money he received from people especially from the vice president.

He spoke to the Takoradi-based Empire FM and made it clear that he has used the money he received from the vice president to purchase land that cost 30,000 cedis and also bought a car for his only son to drive as a taxi.

“Taking note of the situation, the whole world had their eye on the money so I should be very careful how I use the money, so I got two plots of land which I paid for one with ready cash I’m yet to pay for the other one.”

He said

,” my son says he wants to be a driver, he’s been to driving school but for two years he’s been at home, and he was becoming frustrated, so I told him something will happen I will buy him a car, meanwhile I didn’t know where the money is coming from.

Psalm Adjetefio

“So when the Vice President gave me the money, after putting that 30,000 cedis in that plot of land the remaining 20,000 cedis I said this is the time for me to do something for my son, so I bought a Ghana used a taxi in a very good condition for him,”

The veteran actor explained.