FRESH UPDATE: All Tests Proves Alleged Takoradi Kidnapped Lady Wasn’t Pregnant – Doctor Testifies

Takoradi Kidnapped Lady

Fresh news from the doctor who conducted many test on the alleged Takoradi Kidnapped Lady is out.

The alleged Takoradi kidnapped Lady’s case has been in court for some time now, and today is here to provide you with what we have from our representative from Takoradi.

According to one of our writers who has been following this issue for some time now, there is a Medical Superintendent of the Axim Government Hospital which was presented to the court by Dr. Jerry James Abobrah making it known to the Takoradi Harbour Circuit Court A that his medical examinations conducted on Josephine Panyin Mensah prove that the lady wasn’t pregnant as it was alleged.

The doctor’s report which was presented by Dr. Jerry James Abobrah shows that the allegations made by Josephine and her parents that she was pregnant are all fake, he told the presiding judge Michael Kwodjoe Ampadu.

The case is getting ugly for Josephine as Dr. Abobrah and Michael Prah, the carpenter who found or saw Josephine at the Jehovah’s Witness church at Axim testify in court, another person who also testified was Ebenezer Nyame Ayeh, a tailor who also saw Josephine at the Carpenter’s shop and all these testimonies was given in the circuit court today, Thursday, January 13, 2022.

The lead lawyer for Josephine Panyin Mensah who is called Lawyer Philip Fiifi Buckman also cross-examined these three witnesses including the Doctor, after the court adjourned this case to January 20, 2022, he spoke with CitiNews.

“We had the prosecution call their third, fourth, and fifth witnesses in the case. Because the third and fourth witnesses had filed the witness statements, I was able to finish with cross-examinations, but the doctor from Axim had to give viva voce [evidence given by a witness orally], evidence, so I had to listen, write, then I sealed his lips.”

“They are going to come next week to continue, so I will continue with the cross-examination,”

Mr. Buckman said.