Flight Attendant Mistakes Yaw Dabo For A Little Boy, Gives Him Crayons To Play With In An Aeroplane

Yaw Dabo

Yaw Dabo, a Ghanaian actor, was involved in a small drama that occurred on a flight, and he just discussed the amusing incident in a new interview.

According to a report we saw on Tru News Report, Yaw Dabo claimed that on one of his most recent flights, a flight attendant mistook him for a kid because of his petite size, which resulted in a number of amusing miscommunications.

During an appearance on Wontumi TV, the actor/football administrator recalled how the woman handed him colors and a coloring book because she thought he was a child.

After that, they offered him food that was intended for children rather than feeding him the meal that was intended for adults, which would have made the scenario even funny.

The actor emphasized that he wasn’t a youngster, and the flight attendant conveyed her sincere apologies for the confusion.

Dabo never lost his cheer and found the whole thing to be really funny. Due to how amusing it was, Dabo’s tale soon gained popularity on social media, eliciting a range of comments from online users.

SOURCE: www.Listengh.com