Farhana Bodi Net Worth: Dubai Bling Cast Business, Family and Parents

Farhana Bodi Net Worth: Dubai Bling Cast Business, Family and Parents
Farhana Bodi, who is a part of Dubai Bling, has a net worth of $1.5 million.
Farhana Bodi is an Indian influencer and socialite who currently resides in the United Arab Emirates. She is one of the main protagonists in the new Arabic docu-soap series Dubai Bling that is available on Netflix; nevertheless, she is much more than just a reality star.
Dubai Bling has quickly risen to prominence as one of the most popular and widely discussed reality shows in recent years. An extravagant style of life is portrayed in the reality series Dubai Bling, which takes place in the emirate and consists of eight episodes. The first episode sets the stage for some of the impending drama and introduces the cast members who will be playing those roles.
Farhana Bodi
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What Is Farhana Bodi Net Worth?
In the year 2022, Farhana Bodi has a total net worth of $1.5 million. She is a self-made millionaire thanks to her hard work.
Bodi was only 19 years old when she first launched her career in the professional world. Both as a model and a cosmetic artist, she was keeping herself busy. This opened the door for her to begin her career in the fashion sector, which aided her in becoming familiar with the field and increasing the depth of her connections over the course of her career.
It is all down to her aesthetic sense and the fashion knowledge that she possesses. Through the years, it did not take Farhana very long to amass a large number of admirers and followers on various social media platforms. Farhana has amassed roughly 1.5 million followers through various platforms on the internet. Because of the huge support she receives from her audience, she has been able to work with a variety of successful businesses.
She has even been given the opportunity to take part in London Fashion Week and walk the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. Even though Farhana has established a base in Dubai, it appears that she frequently visits both Paris and London in France and the United Kingdom.
It goes without saying that Farhana has amassed the majority of her fortune as a result of her impact on social media, and it is quite likely that her net worth will continue to grow over the next few years as a direct result of both her popularity and her continued relevance.
Who Is Farhana Bodi Married To?
Her husband Heroies Khan is the founder and CEO of GoldPesa, and Farhana Bodi is his wife.
Sources claim that Farhana and Heroies have another gorgeous child named Aydin, who uses Instagram and has amassed more than one hundred thousand followers under the username “aydins world.”
On Instagram, the brunette beauty who is famous for the power in her eyes has more than 1.4 million followers, and she consistently posts content that is of high quality for them to enjoy.
Even though Farhana enjoys writing blogs about her life and the things she does, she is reluctant to share many details about her romantic relationships. She will only discuss her private life on a very infrequent basis, and she prefers to keep certain aspects of her life hidden from the public and the media.
Having said that, taking into consideration her way of life, her husband appears to be extremely supportive of her decisions as well. On occasion, she will post images of her family, which will include both her husband and her son, on her Instagram account.
Who Are Farhana Bodi Parents?
Farhana Bodi, now 36 years old, was raised in a Muslim household in South Africa where she was born. Because of economic pressures, Bodi’s parents left their home in Gujarat, India, and moved to Africa. Bodi was born in Africa. She arrived into our world on January 4, 1986.
When Farhan was younger, she frequently participated in games of cricket with her older brother. The woman is completely fluent in Gujarati and Hindi despite the fact that she has only spent a short amount of time in India.
Since she was in elementary school, Farhana has struggled with feelings of insecurity regarding her physical appearance. She takes pride in her appearance and makes an effort to dress appropriately and follow a beauty routine. As a result of her enthusiasm for both the fashion industry and the art of applying makeup, she enrolled in a school specializing in cosmetics when she was 17 years old. Her family has also been very encouraging of her many professional endeavors and the pursuit of her various interests.
She owes everything she is today to the work and sacrifice of her parents. Farhana was raised in a warm and supportive home, and both of her parents have been there for her no matter what decisions she has made in her life.
They never stopped believing in her and always supported the fact that she was working for a profession that she cherished the most. Additionally, they never stopped encouraging her to follow her aspirations.
Before Fame
She attended makeup school in South Africa at age 17. She began her modeling career in 2010.
She has earned more than 1.4 million followers to her Instagram page. She appeared in the 2011 reality series Paris Hilton’s Dubai BFF.
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Family Life
Her parents are of Muslim Indian descent.
Associated With
She and Hodan Yusuf are both known for their beauty and lifestyle photos posted to Instagram.
Farhana Bodi
Quick Facts About Farhana Bodi

Farhana Bodi


Date Of Birth
January 4, 1986.

Birth Place
South Africa


Currently Residing

Heroies Khan

Some FAQs

How Old Is Farhana Bodi From Dubai Bling?
Farhana Bodi from Dubai Bling is 36 years old.

Who Is Farhana Bodi Married To?
Farhana Bodi is married to Heroies Khan.

What is Farhana Bodi’s net worth?
Farhana Bodi’s net worth is $1.5 million.

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