Ayisha Modi Has Hits Back At Psalm Adjetefio “I Also Gave Him Money”

Ayisha Modi

Bhim Nation’s Number one fan, Ayisha Modi has also come out to state that she also gave veteran actor, Psalm Adjetefio some money.

Ayisha Modi is known to be one of the top fans of Stonebwoy’s Bhim Nation, she is well known in the Ghana entertainment industry. Ayisha has also come out to condemn what Psalm Adjetefio said some few days that people have stopped donating money to him after the Vice President gave him some huge amount of money.

Ayisha made this known in her current comment on a post made by one of the popular Ghanaian musicians, Reggie Zippy. His post was all about how Ghanaians are blaming MzGee for leaking the audio of Psalm Adjetefio, he shared this on his official verified Facebook page.

In Reggie’s recent post he made it known that he is wondering why Ghanaians are blasting MzGee on social media for the audio leak. He then went on to say that Ghanaians won’t understand the pain Psalm Adjetefio is going through simply because they are living ok and they are not experiencing what he is going through.

Ayisha Modi then reacted to the post with a comment saying;

“Naaa if he made an investment with the money we all gave him, TT can be making over 6,000gh every month bro. So what kind of investment is he talking about? I invested 50,000 dollars at Gh bank and I make 6,000 dollars profit every 6months bro”

She went on to say this;

“Bro the same time the Vic president gave him the money I also did”

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