Award-winning actor and stunts coordinator, Stone Mason is set to shoot his 1st action short film in Takoradi.


Stone Mason is an awarding winning stunts coordinator, who sets up an amazing stunts team in Takoradi, and they are set to shoot their first action short film in Western Region – Takoradi.


It’s a STUNTS performing team in Sekondi Takoradi – the capital of Western Region of Ghana founded by STONE MASON.

It is notable as a stunts training hub were fighters, actors, actress and martial artist are been groomed and well trained for films and any other thing related to stunts and art.  

Its vision is to make Takoradi and Ghana the hub of professionals in stunts coordinating, stunt double and stunts performing and acting, to create one of the notable and recognized stunts team/studio in Ghana and the world.

stonestunts –

Prior notice: StoneStunts is set to shoot its first Action Short film in Takoradi and this short is going to feature incredible stunts performers in Ghana mostly in Takoradi.



Stone Mason

Stone Mason is an award-winning stunts coordinator, Actor, stunt performer, born and raised in the western part of Ghana (Sekondi/Takoradi). Stone Mason started his martial art and stunts training in 2000 and became a regional champion in-ring fighting 2003/2004 and later started his acting career in 2009.

Stone started his first production as an Actor in a short film call ROGHA in 2014 directed by Jumic Anderson and was selected in Love World Festival of Music and Art. (South African) and Short Film. THORNS in 2015 as an Actor which was selected in

Francophone Film Festival, Award winning short film HOUSE GIRL (London Film of School) in 2016 as Stunts coordinator. Award winning short film RUNNING and work as Production Manager and Stunts coordinator. 

He have also featured on international feature films, the likes of THE CURSED ONES (UK Production) in 2014 as a stunts Coordinator.

Award-Winning Future Film THE BURIAL OF KOJO (Ghana) in 2017 as Stunts Double and Stunts coordinator and Award-Winning Future Film GULDKYSTEN in 2014 as an Actor (Denmark production) and so on. 

In 2018 Stone Mason Acted alongside Sasha Marfaw American Actress from Black Panther in International Future Film RISE (German Production). 2019 Stone was featured in TREADSTONE an American action drama television series as an Actor (American Production).


RAPHAEL GAGAKUMA is a Martial Artist born in Sekondi, on the 28th of June 1986. Holds a Diploma in Business Studies from Takoradi Technical University.

Raphael started practicing Martial arts, specifically Taekwondo, at the age of 3 years. He was trained by his elder brother through the hard traditional Taekwondo, and He went through the belt stages and holds a black belt second Dan at the moment.

Raphael also pursued it to the national level, where he fought in series of competitions like the Ghana polytechnic games, Regionals, national festivals, national Day games, Korean cup, and among others.

He represented his region (western) and always came out with a silver or gold medal.


EZEKIEL EGHAN is a martial artist and a student studying Civil Engineering in Takoradi Technical University, He was born on the 12th July and raised in Western part of Sekondi Takoradi.

Ezekiel started his martial art training in the year 2006, He holds 5 medals and certificate in-ring fighting (Inter clubs Championships and Regional Open Championships). Ezekiel was trained by Master Elohim Eghan, Ceo of Bigjoe Taekwondo Club in Takoradi. I also like playing football as my second sports activity.


IBRAHIM ABDUL HATEEF mostly known as Ibrahim Fizzil is an actor and a model. Born in Accra on the16th of February, 1995. Holds a Higher National Diploma in Civil Engineering at Takoradi Technical University.

Ibrahim started acting as young as 6years with his role being a major role in a stage drama back in preschool. He was featured in a short documentary film aimed towards Sustainable Development (SDG) which is being operated by the UN and the documentary was used by World Merit as a campaign tool in the year 2013.

In 2019 he participated in the 2nd edition of Maltavator Challenge in Nigeria. A fitness and mental challenge organized by Malta Guinness and was fully produced by MTV Base and aired on DSTV, Go TV and TV3 in August 2019.

Ibrahim has also been featured in international feature films such as Outlier, The Awaken, The Silent Pain TV Series, and other short films and TV commercials (AirtelTigo Talk and browse saaa Promo).


ABUGRI EMMANUEL is a balance art artist and a photographer as well, from the northern part of Ghana. He was born in Takoradi a sub-region of Ghana. Had his Senior High School education at Takoradi Secondary School and later continued at Takoradi Technical University in the year 2016.

Emmanuel started learning photography in the year 2014 with smart phone in taking the pictures.

In the year 2018 he participated in a graphics student’s union challenge at Takoradi Technical University and was crowned as the best photographer of the graphics students union in that year.

He then participated in an international photography competition, of which one was held at Russia and another in Brazil, which he won the best photographer of the year in the black and white photography category in Russia. The competition was named 35 AWARDS.

Emmanuel then was nominated to present Ghana in a competition, PHOTOGRAFOS AMADORES in Brazil, which he was at the 7th position at the first face and had the 3rd position at the final round.  

Emmanuel’s photograph was selected to be part of the best works at the GHANA IRAN ARTS EXHIBITION, held at Takoradi Technical University.

He then started learning balance arts in the year 2017 when he was at the University, Emmanuel participated in the faculty of applied arts and technology art week celebration in the year 2019 of which he performed live balance. He then started performing at festivals and occasions.


LOUISA EGHAN is a martial artist, photo model, and a nurse by profession. Born in Takoradi on the 15th of July and was raised in the western part of Sekondi Takoradi. 

Louisa Eghan started her martial art training in the year 2006, trained by Master Elohim Eghan, the Ceo of Bigjoe Taekwondo Club in Takoradi.



GODWIN LABRONZY HAYFORD is an award-winning film producer, actor, production manager with effective leadership and relationship building skills. Born in Takoradi.

Godwin have produced, acted and worked on other film project, the like of JAG, SANE, RUNNING etc. and have worked on music videos and documentary films.


Evans Kwesi Egyir is an award-winning film director, producer, and entrepreneur. Born and raised in the Western part of Ghana (Takoradi).

Evans have directed and assisted in other film project, the like of JAG, SANE, RUNNING and have worked on music videos and documentary films.


JACOB KWAME DENERO is a Ghanaian based film director, cinematographer, editor, and a writer. He co-produced “Fair Deal” (short film) and the “Hustle TV series).

He worked as a Cinematographer on “ABF” short film (a better friend), as 1st Assistant director a short film “JUST A GAME”. Jacob has shot and directed a couple of music videos


JUMIC EMMA ANDERSON is an award winning Film Director, Screen writer raised and born in Takoradi, Ghana.

JUMIC have directed and co-directed and assisted in directing films like JAG, RUNNING, THE CURSED Ones, The Burial of Kojo, BORGA, ALOEVERA etc.



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