Are Bear and Raiven From Alaskan Bush People Still Together?

A reality documentary series on the Discovery Channel called “Alaskan Bush People” shows a group of people who live alone in the woods, far from the conveniences and connections of modern society.

The Brown family, made up of parents Billy and Ami and their constantly growing brood, has to find their way through the harsh wilderness in order to build and keep their lives. The show talks about the cast members’ personal lives as well as the crazy things they do. The only people in the isolated family are the parents and their seven grown children.

Bear Brown, whose full name is Solomon Isiah Freedom “Bear” Brown, is one of the seven kids and a member of the show’s cast. The most important thing he does for the family is hunt animals for meat. Bear is a very important part of the Brown family, but his relationship with Raiven Adams has been one of the best parts of his life and the lives of those who follow him. So, it makes sense that his fans would wonder if they are still together. If you’re interested in the same thing, we can help you out.

Bear and Raiven

The book Alaskan Bush People Journey by Bear Brown and Raiven Adams

Bear and Raiven have had one of the most interesting and difficult relationships, so fans of the show are very interested in what’s going on with them now. First of all, they met for the first time in 2018 at the wedding of Bear’s brother, Noah Brown. They liked each other right away. At the wedding, Raiven’s mother was the official photographer, and he was there to help her. Raiven and Bear began dating soon after they met for the first time. In August 2019, they told the world they were dating.

Soon after that, Bear and Raiven announced that they were getting married on Instagram. But after only two weeks of dating, they said on social media that they were breaking up. They said it was mutual and that they would stay friends. The next day, though, they had a big surprise when they found out that Raiven was pregnant. “Even though we’re no longer together, we’re still friends and committed to raising a healthy and happy child,” the 35-year-old hunter said. In October 2019, they got back together for a short time before calling it quits for good.

But things got more complicated when Raiven asked a judge to stop Bear from doing “abusive” things in February 2020. She dropped the charges just three days before River Anthony was born six weeks early in March 2020. After that, Bear asked for shared custody of their child, but Raiven wanted full custody of the child. This led to a long legal battle. But after six months, when Bear finally met his son, the two were back together for good in September 2020.

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Bear and Raiven: Are they still dating?

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams are still together and their relationship is going strong. The couple actually got married on January 16, 2022. After going through a lot of ups and downs in their relationship, they were doing great. They have come a long way from celebrating their son’s first birthday and going to festivals as a family to finally becoming “husband and wife.” Bear told People how he felt about his wedding: “It feels great to be a married man. I’ve loved Raiven for a long time, and it’s an honor and a privilege to finally be able to call her my wife.”

Bear added, “She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and she still makes me gasp.” Raiven was just as happy about their big day, saying, “I was so glad that our friends and family were able to come.” Bear looked very handsome, and I’m glad we’ve made a family. But in March 2022, they went through more trouble when Bear was arrested for fourth-degree domestic violence after an argument with Raiven. He was locked up for the whole weekend before he was let out on his own responsibility. Later, Bear took a plea deal.

Raiven asked the court to throw out the case later. Since then, the couple seems to have come together and their marriage is doing well. In happier news, the beautiful couple told everyone in May 2022 that they were going to have their second child. Bear posted the news on social media: “Raiven is pregnant!!!! One of the best times of my life was when I became a father!!! It’s still very early, and we’re praying for a healthy baby, but I couldn’t be happier to welcome another child into the world!”

Bear and Raiven told their fans and loved ones a few months later that their second child is also a boy. So, as the lovely couple gets ready for another great adventure, we can only wish them more happiness and peace in the future, both as people and as parents.

Is Alaskan Bush People a fake or a real show?

The Brown family is proud of the fact that they live off the land, but many people think that Alaskan Bush People is made up.

“They’re making themselves out to be something they’re not,” a Facebook user said. “They don’t live in the bush; they only go there to film scenes.” They have been staying with the Discovery crew in Hoonah. People in the area are building a cabin.”

After the family was charged with 24 counts of unsworn falsification and theft for lying about living in Alaska to get government aid, there was even evidence that seemed to show they never lived there full-time.

But patriarch Billy has denied the rumors, telling Radar Online, “What can you say to people like that? “Bobs in the basement” is what we call them. That’s what we call people who sit at their computers all day and don’t do anything else. When they don’t have anything else to do, I feel sorry for them.”

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Why did the Bush People of Alaska leave?

After Ami Brown’s Stage 3 lung cancer was found, her family was very open about their decision to leave Alaska and move south.

Now that her cancer is gone, she has to see a doctor every three months. This means that the Browns can’t live completely off the grid again.

Billy said, “We didn’t have much of a choice in what we did.” “The doctors were very clear that we couldn’t go back [to Alaska] because it would be too hard to get her there and set up what she would need if something went wrong. It’s too dangerous now.”

Where do the Bush People of Alaska live now?

That means Billy, Ami, and their children now live on a 400-acre homestead in Tonasket, Washington. The town has about 995 people and is about 24 miles south of the border with Canada.

If you want to go, it would take you about four and a half hours to drive there from Seattle and three hours from Spokane.

But the Browns are very happy in their new home. “We have been through a lot of hard times. Billy Brown said, “It felt like everything was closing in on us, there was darkness everywhere, and it was over.” “Then I could see Washington.”

Ami agreed and said, “It’s almost like being reborn and starting over. I’ve been given a second chance by God.

Bear and Raiven

Health news about Ami Brown

When Ami was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2016, she only had a 3% chance of living. But she beat the odds. By December 2017, her family told her that the cancer was gone, even though it had spread to her back.

Ami said, “I’m still a little weak and tired, and I get sick sometimes, but I walk around the house now.” “It was so bad, and the treatment with radiation hurt so much. It hurt so much to even take a sip of water, and I couldn’t eat anything. It got worse as time went on, the pain.”

Skeptics said that her family faked her illness because she got better so quickly, but producers vehemently denied this.

Laurie Goldberg, an executive vice president at Discovery, told Radar Online that it is disgusting that anyone would say that her cancer is not real or that it was made up for the show. “Ami’s fight against cancer is real. Her chemotherapy and radiation treatments were hard, but she made it through and is doing well now.”

Now, Ami has to go to the city for checkups on a regular basis, and she will have to do this for the rest of her life.

“For the rest of my life, I have to go in every three months to be scanned to see if it’s back,” Ami said. “I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. But I want to tell people to enjoy every moment and walk through every moment with God, because He knows what it’s all about. Never stop believing.”

Amora Jean “Bird” Brown, who stars in the Discovery show Alaskan Bush People, is known, or rather not known, for keeping to herself. She doesn’t have an Instagram account, and since 2015, she hasn’t shared anything on Facebook. Then, what’s up with Bird? What do we know about her life, and what don’t we know?

On Alaskan Bush People, Amora Jean “Snowbird” Brown, who is also called “Bird” Brown, is the oldest daughter of Billy and Ami Brown’s seven children. Everyone thought that her five older brothers would help take care of Bird because she has five older brothers. But Bird turned out to be a very independent family member, just like her mother, whose name she shares.

The official Discovery bio for Alaskan Bush People star Bird says that she spends a lot of time outside in nature. She is quick to climb a mountain and look for animals in the meadows there. She likes to write and draw by a river or creek when she’s not hunting or fishing. She cares a lot about nature and loves it a lot. She loves animals, so people know that she would rather hang out with them than with people. In fact, she lives in the same house as about 20 cats. Bear, Bird’s brother, says that the cats hunt with her, which he has never seen before. All of Bird’s brothers agree that she has some kind of magical power over the cats.

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