$40 Million Rich Graham Norton, One of the World’s Most Popular Talk Show Hosts, Says Cancel Culture Isn’t Real: “What World Are You Canceled In?”

Graham Norton seems to have responded to John Cleese’s criticism of cancel culture. The Monty Python star has long railed against what he calls “cancel culture” as well as the presence of “wake up” values ​​in media and entertainment.
Graham Norton from The Graham Norton Show
What is this cancel culture, you ask? Cancel culture, or the phenomenon of support for “cancelation” of people, brands, or even shows and movies because of what some consider offensive or objectionable words or beliefs, is not a new phenomenon.
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Graham Norton Says Cancel Culture Isn’t Real
Graham Norton criticized John Cleese for speaking out against cancel culture, saying it was about being held “beholden” for what you say. The BBC talk show host said freedom of speech is not “inconsequential” and that ‘to cancel’ culture is the ‘bad word’ to use, indicating instead that ‘responsibility’ Should be used.
Norton slammed the 82-year-old Fawlty Towers star, calling it a “man of a certain age” who said “everything he has loved for years” and is now held accountable. He stated that,

“It must be very difficult to be a man of a certain age, who has been allowed to say whatever he wants for years, and now suddenly there is a certain responsibility. It’s freedom of expression, but it’s not without consequences.

Graham Norton
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The comedian said in a recent interview that while he wasn’t familiar with the show when they approached him, he later learned that it was focused on “free speech,” rather than being particularly right-wing.
Norton would have discussed “cancel culture” and Cleese’s candid opinions in a recent speech at the Cheltenham Literature Festival.
Graham Norton is against John Cleese’s statement
John Cleese said he had “abandoned” modern television and that he would not accept an offer to host a BBC show if one was made for him. He said,

“The BBC didn’t come to me and say, ‘Would you like to have one-hour shows?’ and if they did, I’d say, ‘Not on your nelly!’ I wouldn’t have had five minutes in the first show before it was canceled or censored.

John Cleese
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Cleese has made several appearances on The Graham Norton Showthe most recent from 2014. He said last year that he would be developing a documentary with Channel 4 called Cancel Me, which will investigate “Why a new ‘woke’ generation is trying to rewrite the rules on what can and cannot be said.” There is currently no specific air date for the show.
Norton took John Cleese as an example, who has become an outspoken opponent of cancel culture (and is expected to make it a regular topic on his recently announced show on the right-wing GB News network), to highlight these recent trends in culture. cancellation.
Source: Hollywood Reporter

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